Embroidered Pet Portrait Wait List Inquiry
Interested in a custom embroidered pet portrait? Submit your inquiry here!

Fill out the form below and submit your request for review. I will follow up shortly letting you know if you've been accepted onto the wait list or if there is additional information I need to collect from you.

Submitting to this wait list does not guarantee you a commission. Orders will not be taken on a first come first serve basis, but will be accepted based on order complexity and what I can fit into my schedule. Once you've been accepted onto the wait list and I'm ready to take your order I will contact you again through your provided email. If you don't reply within 24 hours I will move on to the next name. If you reply saying you're still interested, I will create a private listing in my shop for you to purchase. All orders must be paid in full before I can begin working on them.

More information about my portraits can be found on my website, www.stitchingsabbatical.com .

Please know the cost of your order before submitting your request. Pricing can be found here: https://www.stitchingsabbatical.com/pricing/

Refer to this page to see what sort of reference photos I require:

Please allow 4-8 weeks for your commission to be completed after purchasing. If you need it sooner there will be a rush fee of $200.

I will still take random commissions in my shop a few times this year. If you're signed up on the wait list you can still purchase a commission. You can be removed from the wait list at any time, just send me an email and request for your information to be erased.

Please review my shop policies before submitting your request:

Q: What's the estimated time frame until you get to my request?
A: I really can't say. I will get through the requests as efficiently as I can.

Q: I wasn't ready to purchase when you contacted me but I still want a portrait! Do I have to start all over?
A: If you only need a few days to get ready (a week maximum) I can wait. If you need more time than that you will be sorted back into the queue.

Q: Do you only stitch cats and dogs?
A: Nope! I can embroider any animal species, even if they're not a pet! If you want an embroidery of your favorite animal I'd be happy to make you something.

Q: What if I only have really old and grainy photos to use as a reference?
A: If your photos aren't very clear, I will ask you to submit different ones. I wont be able to take your request if a good reference photo can't be supplied.

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