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Thanks for registering an MVP Fundraising Team for the 2022 Election Cycle! We're so glad you want to join us.

Volunteering with MVP is not only one of the most strategic ways to make an impact, but also one of the most fulfilling. MVP volunteers are passionate & kind, and our work together transforms our fear & anxiety about the world into hope & meaningful action.

Here's why you might choose to put your time & energy into MVP:

• The best way we can win elections and build long-term power is to fund MVP grassroots groups organizing year-round in swing states and districts.
• The best thing donors can do is organize our communities to fund them!

Volunteering to get out the vote is good, but this is something different.

• Turnout increases most when voters hear from people they know.
• That's why, instead of knocking on doors in someone else's community, we're raising money from OUR communities for the groups that already do turnout best.

Does this sound good to you?

Take 5 minutes now to register your MVP Fundraising Team, and we'll follow up to help you get started!

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