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The Pre-Order and Cover Reveal will take place on October the 10th 2018. The Release Blitz is scheduled for November the 12th 2018. There is an option to review, ARC's will be available through Book Funnel. This book is from Shelly Alexander's racier series which is considered to be Erotic.

Would you like to have a quote from your review, and the name of your blog on Shelly's next cover in her Checkmate Inc. Series? Shelly is hosting another contest where this can happen. She will select a quote from your reviews posted on Amazon. On the cover of SINFUL GAMES--Book 4 in the Checkmate Inc Series, the winner from Shelly's last blogger quote contest is featured: 'Once again, Shelly Alexander has knocked it out of the park!" - Styc's Book Obsession

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“She made the first move, so I’m all in and ready to play.”
—Oscar (Oz) Strong

Sometimes life gets f&%#ed up. Is it my fault?


I might be a literal genius in biochemistry. I might have made the right choice when I let two of my college chess team buddies talk me into putting my brain and my multiple degrees to work in an unexpected way that has made us ridiculously wealthy. I may be the founding partner who developed our full line of wildly successful, supercharged, pheromone colognes. I might have even been damned smart, coming up with the idea to take our multimillion-dollar company public.

But that doesn’t mean I make the most intelligent decisions when it comes to my personal life.

For instance, I let my parents push me into marriage right after I finished at Columbia.
I should’ve reminded dear old Mom and Dad that their geekster, brainiac son has spent a lot of time at the gym packing on muscle and has learned how to treat a lady, both in and out of bed…so I’m smart enough to pick my own woman.

But naw.

I married a girl because my parents liked her family’s name. A girl who didn’t love me but instead loved my trust fund.

Now that I think about it, smart people really can be obtuse to the point of idiocy. Which is why falling for my new assistant is not only my biggest f&%# up, but it’s also a mistake that could put both of my business partners and our company’s future at risk.

It’s stupid, I know. But then she goes and makes the first move, and fierce competitor that I am, I can’t help but rise to the challenge.

I’m all in and ready to play by her rules. I just don’t realize until it’s too late that the only rules to the game she wants to play is seductive, steamy, sexy…and so positively sinful.

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