BNG Mentoring Scheme
During these uncertain times it is important to remain as interconnected with the business community as possible.

The BNG Mentoring Scheme has been established to connect trainees and entry-level professionals (Mentees) with other young, but more experienced professionals (Mentors).

We expect most Mentees to be 20-28, and most Mentors (who should have at least +3 years of professional experience) to be 26-35. These age ranges are not strictly definitive, but act as a range for you to gauge whether you would benefit more from being a Mentee or Mentor.

The objective is to create a dynamic community of young professionals who benefit from each other’s advice and perspective, both for those who have just entered the job market and are eager to get the insight of those that have already been through these first stages, and also for more seasoned young professionals who can both give back to the next wave of young professionals and hone their mentoring skills.

Pairing will be influenced by the field of work that both the Mentee and Mentor are in so that the industry knowledge of the Mentor will be relevant. However, if a Mentee wishes to have a Mentor who practices in a different field of work (or vice versa), we will do our best to facilitate this.

Once a Mentee has been paired with a Mentor, we will ask the Mentee to make initial contact, copying a representative of the Chamber so that we know that this contact has been made.

Registrations are processed on a weekly basis: we will get back to you as soon as we have identifed a suitable Mentee/Mentor for you.
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