RAM 2020 Annual Award Nomination Form
Nominations must be received by Friday, November 6th.


This award recognizes a special green project in Minnesota that has demonstrated progressive leadership of an environmental issue with outstanding results.

Criteria for award:
• 6 months' worth of data history to prove the green project is working well
• Demonstrate innovation through reducing waste, carbon footprint, water usage or other environmental issue important to Minnesota
• Goals to expand the program in the near future
• Preference given to RAM member

This award recognizes an elected official who has demonstrated outstanding service for the betterment of recycling and resource conservation

Criteria for award:
• History of public service for the betterment of recycling and resource conservation
• Grasp of operational details of the recycling industry
• Consistent support for recycling initiatives, proposals or programs
• Seeks input on recycling and resource issues from diverse groups or individuals from an inclusive approach to policy making

An individual, business, or organization that has demonstrated outstanding service as a recycling service provider or advocate.

Criteria for award:
• Display initiative and commitment to recycling (such as expanding types of materials collected)
• Demonstrate innovation and leadership in recycling (such as having an above average recycling rate)
• Active in recycling market development or environmentally preferable purchasing (including buying recycled)
• Support of groups with environmental focus through contributions or in-kind donations
• Preference given to RAM member

Denise Kolar, Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, Solid Waste Program Coordinator, was one of RAM's founders and devoted many years as a board member and volunteer. The Denise Kolar award honors a member of RAM who has devoted a tremendous amount of energy, goodwill and effort to benefit RAM.

Criteria for award:
• Donated an exceptional number of hours to RAM projects
• Provided a positive example of leadership
• Introduced new members or sponsors to RAM
Nominee's Name and/or Organization (if an organization, please also list a point of contact): *
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