CS50 Staff Application
Thanks for your interest in joining CS50's team in Fall 2019.

CS50 reviews applications in waves. The third wave's applications are due by Wed 5/1. Hiring will occur on a rolling basis, so the earlier your application comes in, the better.

* Course Assistant, holds office hours and tutorials/code reviews
* Photographer, shoots stills at events
* Producer, shoots, edits, and post-produces videos
* Teaching Fellow, leads sections, holds office hours and tutorials/code reviews

Note that CA and TF applications ask for a 5-minute video. Because first-round interviews are always a bit nerve-wracking, CS50 instead does them via video so that you've an opportunity to put your best foot forward. If applying to be a CA or TF, before submitting the below, take some time to prepare a ~5-minute lesson plan on any CS50-related topic with which you're comfortable, and then film yourself teaching it! The format is entirely up to you. You can approach it like a section, like office hours, or like one-on-one tutoring. You can talk to the camera or to a friend (or plush toy) pretending to be a student, whatever you think would give us a good sense of you as a teacher. You're welcome to use props (e.g., a laptop), but drawing on a piece of paper and holding it up to the camera is fine. Don't worry too much about the quality of the video; having a friend film you with a phone is fine! Creativity welcome. When ready, upload it to Dropbox or to YouTube (as unlisted), and take note of its URL. Then submit the below!

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