Connect Application for Roberts Middle School 2017-2018
Roberts Middle School Connect Application
Student Name
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Student ID Number
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Parent Email Address - will be used to notify you if your student is/is not accepted into the program
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What school do you currently attend?
What is your preferred method of working and producing work?
When working on the computer, how much do you like working on the computer?
When working independently, as a learner I need:
In your experience, when a teacher is teaching a lesson, you feel most like: (Check all that apply)
How often do you read?
When I read, most of my reading is done at:
How do you feel about group work?
What role do you play in group work?
How do you feel about your education? (Check all that apply)
How far do you see yourself going with your education?
Who is responsible for you being a successful student?
On a regular school day, do you find that your teacher:
How often are you absent from school?
Why do you want to be a part of the Connect Program?
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