Olympic Hills Volunteering 2018-2019
The school and the PTA organize different types of events and activities during the school year. The purpose of these events is to provide fun learning experiences for our students, for families to meet each other, to raise funds, and to provide families an insight to how the school runs and how decisions are made. There are ongoing needs, like communication team positions, baking for events and helping at the school library. Some opportunities are specific to an event or a program, such as science fair or the ice cream social.

We need help and support from the families to make these events and activities happen. You may want to consider volunteering to be involved in your child’s education or for making a difference to the people around you and your community. Volunteering can also provide an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Volunteering can be done either during school or evenings and possibly weekends. You can decide how much you want to do – everyone is welcome to volunteer!

Please let the school and the PTA know what you would like to do here at Olympic Hills! Below, please mark the event/activity you are interested in volunteering for and submit your form once you have completed it. We are not asking for a firm commitment at this point, the PTA's volunteer coordinator will be in touch with more details to confirm what and when you are available for.

The Seattle School District requires that all volunteers go through an application before starting any volunteer activities (weeding work party is an exception). This process ad the forms can be now be completed online in many languages. Please click on this link: https://www.seattleschools.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=627&pageId=14613 and follow instructions to submit your application. You will also have an opportunity to apply at school during ELL night on September 20th.

Thank you for your time and everything you do to support the Olympic Hills community!
1.Your full name
2. Your language(s)
3. Your phone number
4. Your email
5. Your student's name
6. Your student's teacher
7. These are reoccurring volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. Please indicate if you are tentatively interested and also choose your best availability. If the activity happens at a certain time, it has been indicated. The volunteer coordinator will contact you to ask about your availability ahead of time once there is a need.
I'm interested.
I'm available during school time (8-2pm).
I'm available outside of school time (evenings, weekends).
Help in my student's classroom or help the teacher with specific projects.
Volunteer for the hospitality team (help set-up and clean up for events, support during events).
Bake for PTA or school events.
Volunteer for after school classes in the winter or spring quarter.
Translation - translating PTA documents to your language.
Interpretation - interpreting into your language in PTA organized events.
Library help - help lending and/or organizing books.
Work parties on first Fridays of each month, 8:30-10:30am. Younger siblings are welcome to come with.
Pastries with Principle on third Fridays of the month. Give feedback on current topics presented by the principal.
School shirt orders. Help receive and process orders and distribute shirts.
Memory book project. Help put together, receive orders and distribute the memory books.
Movie nights. Be a part of the team organizing movie nights.
PTA communications. Be a part of the communication team.
Art Docent program. Be a part of team planning, teaching and scheduling art instructions in classrooms (additional to school provided art curriculum).
Weeding work party. Come help school community and neighbors take care of our landscaping.
I don’t know what my time allows, but please inform me about opportunities.
Clear selection
8. NEW OPPORTUNITY! Are you interested in coming to school and talking to a class about the work you do or a special interest or skill you have? The students would love to learn about any profession or skill, be it related to your work, hobby or something else. A teacher would be in touch with you to figure out a good time. If you're interested, please give your typical availability and let us know what you would like to talk about.
9. Please choose the event you are interested in volunteering for:
This is a tentative schedule for the upcoming school year. The volunteer coordinator will contact you closer to the date to confirm the time and your availability. For example, you can volunteer for the planning of the event or for running the event depending on your schedule. Please check the box if you are at all interested.
10. Do you have an idea or request for an event or activity that you would like to see happen? Please describe it here.
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