DLT Community Family Assessment
Please take a moment to answer some questions that will help us get to know your family, asses your needs, and find you the support you need.
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Are you interested in enrolling in our an Academic Guide program? We can work with just the children in your household or with a social pod of up to 6 children. DLT does not create social pods, however parents can form pods by utilizing our forum and faceboook group to announce openings. Please note, you may start as Private and grow into a Pod with time. Which of the following best describes your needs? *
Academic Guides work during school hours to help your child navigate through their virtual school. This includes sitting with them through zoom sessions, help with independent work, and supervise/engage children during break/meal times. Based on your child's school schedule and your childcare needs, which schedule best suits your family? We require a 3 hour minimum per day,, however we can accommodate more hours. You may select 2 - 5 days per week. *
Are you interested in enrolling in our after-school Extracurricular program? Choose up to 3 options *
Does your child require extra services or support? Please explain.
Help us understand your families needs as they relate to COVID-19 by making a selection below. This pertains to Academic Guides for Private and Pods, as well as Extra Curricular Classes. We recommend each family has open communication with their pod families and guide on their comfort level around masks and physical distance as cases change. Based on the current situation, please select all that apply
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