Midwest Media Expo 2017 Dealer Contract
Dates of the 2017 Midwest Media Expo
April 28th – April 30th, 2017

Location of the 2017 Midwest Media Expo Dealers' Room
Edward Village
600 Towne Center Drive
Dearborn, Michigan. 48126

This application is for use by prospective vendors to apply for reservations of space and other items in the dealer room of the Midwest Media Expo. Please fill out this form carefully, as it will likely determine whether your application is approved, and then also how much space we will reserve for you. Making adjustments at-con will be difficult or impossible.
General Vendor Information
Name of Business *
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Address *
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Telephone Number *
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Email *
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Name of Primary Contact/Representative *
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Reserving Booths, Tables, and Services
In this section you should fill in information on the number of booths and other items you wish to reserve. Please note that each booth you reserve allots two (2) exhibitor badges at no additional charge. If you require additional exhibitor passes beyond these, you must reserve and purchase them separately. All exhibitor passes must be reserved in advance; they are not available for purchase at the con.

Upon acceptance, an invoice and payment procedures will be sent. Each vendor will be given ten (10) days to pay. Failure to pay within ten (10) days will result in the vendor being placed on the waiting list. If additional time is required, please contact dealer staff and request an extension. The rate per booth is dependent on the date of contract submission, as listed below.

Dealer Room Booths
Each 10 ft. long X 10 ft. deep
Each booth includes two (2) badges
Each booth includes one (1) 8 ft table at no charge

$300.00 Reserved by 15JAN17

$350.00 Reserved by 15FEB17

$400.00 Reserved by 15MAR17

Number of Booths Needed *
Additional Tables
Each is
8 ft. long X 30 in wide
$50 / each

*You may order as many additional tables as you wish, but they must all fit within your purchased booth spaces. Any tables that cannot be placed in your booth spaces cannot be set up, but you will not receive a refund for them! Also, additional tables will NOT be available at the convention. You must order ALL additional tables on this form in advance.

Number of Additional Tables Needed
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Will you be requesting a booth in Tabletop Gaming instead of the Dealer Room? *
Exhibitor Access to Dealer Room and Exhibitor Passes
Vendors should note that the presence of persons who are not exhibitors in the dealer room outside of the hours designated for customers is strictly prohibited. Those persons identified as exhibitors may enter the dealer room freely during the hours designated for dealer access. Exhibitors are identified as persons who have been issued exhibitor passes by the dealer staff or persons who have been positively identified as employees of a dealer room vendor. Exhibitor passes will be provided by the Head of the Department of Vendor Relations to a specific individual who represents the vendor when that individual arrives at the convention site.

Each exhibitor badge must have the name of the individual exhibitor to whom it is issued written on it at the time it is provided. The badge may not be used by any person other than he or she to whom it is issued. If the convention’s badge policies are not adhered to by those who hold them, then the staff reserve the right to demand the immediate surrender of those badges, and all the privileges attached to them (this may also result in the subsequent removal of said person from the convention site depending on the circumstances). Please note that in addition to the special privileges attached to exhibitor badges, they may also be used for admission to all other locations of the convention for which standard badges are required.

Additional Exhibitor Badges
You receive two (2) exhibitor badges included in your reservation per booth.
$40 / each
Additional badges cannot be purchased at the convention. You must purchase all of them in advance!
Number of Additional Badges Needed
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Legal Name of Exhibitor Pass 1
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Legal Name of Exhibitor Pass 2
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Legal Name of Exhibitor Pass 3
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Legal Name of Exhibitor Pass 4
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Special Information about Electricity and Internet Hook-Ups
Midwest Media Expo will attempt to provide vendors with any electric and internet services by coordinating with the hotel, but cannot guarantee that these services will be available. Please note that placement in the dealer room can limit the availability of these services. Please also note that payment for these services is the sole responsibility of the vendor and not the responsibility of Midwest Media Expo. The dealer registration fees you are paying to Midwest Media Expo via this application do not cover any part of any costs associated with the costs levied by the hotel for the use of electricity, phone lines, or Internet access. Please do not attempt to negotiate these fees or any other conditions imposed by the hotel regarding access to the aforementioned services with the convention.

Payment for these services will be invoiced separately and will be due no later than 30 days prior to the event to ensure the services will be available and ready during the event.

If you do intend to ask for one or more of these services, please check the appropriate boxes in the “Other Information” section on page of this application so that we can ensure that your location in the dealer room is conducive to your arrangements (if it is determined that it would be an issue).

Wifi is sporadic at points in the dealer room, many users on the same wifi source can slow the speeds as well. Boosted wifi is available at an additional cost and is highly recommended for vendors who do large amounts of credit transactions.

If you require further information, please e-mail the Midwest Media Expo exhibitor staff at m2xvendors@gmail.com, and we will answer your questions if possible.

Screening of Vendors and Merchandise
Please be advised that the convention subjects placements in the dealer room to certain internal quotas and selection processes regarding the categories of merchandise that the convention wishes to be available for sale. The convention also has a policy of screening all merchandise that is to be sold by a vendor, making decisions at its own discretion as to giving permission to each specific vendor to sell any particular item. Information on the merchandise to be sold by a vendor must be sent with the original application. Failure to include this list will cause an application to be considered incomplete, and it will be rejected as such. The convention also reserves the right to interpret whether given pieces of merchandise conform to a vendor’s pre-approved list during the convention itself. As such, vendors should be very specific when providing this information with their applications.
Prospective vendors should be aware that technical acceptability of their applications does not guarantee that a reservation will be made, and no such assumption should be made until the convention has contacted the vendor and confirmed that a reservation has been completed. Please note that Midwest Media Expo does not necessarily consider vendors on a first-come first-served basis. Please also note that the convention is under no obligation to provide a reason for rejecting a vendor or deferring a vendor to the stand-by list.
Please be certain to list the types of merchandise you will be selling on this page. An application that does not include the required list will be rejected immediately!
Types of Merchandise to Be Sold
Please list and describe the types of merchandise you wish to sell at the Midwest Media Expo. Please be as specific as possible. This contract, you must sign, specifies that Midwest Media Expo may disqualify any items that are not listed here (or any items that the staff do not deem acceptable for sale in the dealer room). You may attach additional documents to the application to provide further information if necessary.

Please note that the staff will tend to take the contents of the list very literally, particularly if you are not specific. For example, swords are not cosplay/costume accessories (or collectibles, or toys, etc.), they are weapons. The convention staff will not allow them to be sold under another classification such as “cosplay accessories” if the vendor in question does not have explicit permission to sell weapons. Sale of contact lenses is prohibited without direct permission from the Head of Department of vendor relations and/or the Chair of Midwest Media Expo. Copyrighted material without proper licensing is not to be sold at any time. The staff have the right to inspect any “mystery bags” offered for sale at any point, prohibited items in mystery bags will not allowed to be sold. Similar interpretations will be applied to other classes of items as needed as well, and no exceptions will be made for any alleged “loopholes” in the rules. Please consult with the dealer staff if you are uncertain about the acceptability of any item(s).
List of Merchandise to Be Sold *
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Web Link for Example of Merchandise Sold *
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Other Information
The following items may be factored into your specific location in the dealer room if it becomes evident that it would make a difference.
Are you planning to build a display in the Midwest Media Expo dealer room that is more than two (2) feet wide by six (6) feet tall at any point? *
Are you planning to sell any food or drink products in the dealer room? (If so, please be sure to list the exact products along with the rest of your merchandise) *
Are you planning to sell any adult merchandise? (Any age-restricted merchandise that may be unsuitable for persons under the age of 18) *
Are you planning to sell weapons, anything intended for use as a weapon, or anything that may be easily mistaken for a weapon? *
Would your business be willing to donate any merchandise to the convention for distribution as prizes in various events? (If yes, please enclose a list describing the items. The donors of prizes will be publicly acknowledged at Midwest Media Expo when the prizes are given.) *
Do you require power at your booth? *
Do you need boosted wifi signal? *
Any special requests and/or other information that you think we should know should be written in the space below. Please note that while Midwest Media Expo will make an effort to meet any special requests or conditions, we cannot make any guarantees.
Your answer
General Policies for Access to Dealer Room
The dealer room shall be open to exhibitors and their employees during specific hours that will be officially communicated at a date before the convention. It shall be open to customers during a subset of those hours. For reference, please note that staff, guests, and certain other convention attendees (platinum badge-holders) shall have the option of entering the dealer room at an earlier time than the rest of the general attendance (these details will be communicated at a later time along with the scheduling information). Please note that even after communicated, the schedule is subject to change at any time before or during the convention. In this event, all exhibitors will be notified of these changes by the staff. If an exhibitor requires access to the dealer room outside of these hours, he or she should contact the Head of the Department of Vendor Relations to request escorted access to the room during this time. Please be aware that after-hours access to the dealer room may be impossible at times depending on the security and maintenance procedures of the convention facility. Entry to the dealer room by persons identified as exhibitors shall be governed by the procedures described below.
Set Up and Tear Down
The convention will try to provide exhibitors with as much time as possible to set up their booth spaces. The date(s) and times for setup will be communicated to vendors along with the rest of the dealer room scheduling information before the starting date of the convention. Please be aware that the time the convention is able to provide for vendor setup is heavily dependent on the hours of access provided by the convention facility to Midwest Media Expo. Under some circumstances, it may not be possible to provide setup time at all before the first day of the convention, although this situation will be avoided if at all possible. Vendors who show up prior to the specified hours may be refused entry to the room by either the convention facility or by convention staff if the room is not ready. All exhibitors must observe the convention facility’s freight loading/unloading and transport policies while setting up and tearing down. The convention has no obligation to offer or provide assistance of any kind to exhibitors in moving or setting up their displays and merchandise, so all vendors should ensure that they have made appropriate provisions regarding manpower and equipment. The convention staff reserves the right to make minor last-minute adjustments to the positioning of booths and tables in the dealer room in order to ensure that the policies of the convention facility (e.g., fire code, etc.) are upheld. Minor adjustments may also be made during setup to ensure sufficient walking space for customers. These adjustments, if any, will be made with as much regard as possible to the space to which vendors are entitled by their reservations (while adhering to the necessary codes and regulations). It is prohibited for any exhibitor to utilize convention space for the purpose of selling anything outside of his or her booth(s) during the operation of the convention without the express permission of the convention staff.All exhibitors must take down and remove their merchandise and displays from the convention site by the end of the evening on the last day of the convention. As with setup, the convention facility’s policies regarding the loading and transport of freight must be observed. Again, the convention staff is under no obligation to offer or provide assistance of any kind during this process.
Placement of Displays, Signage, and any/all Temporary Fixtures
Decorations, signs, banners, or any other form of signage may not be physically fastened (i.e., with nails, tacks, staples, or other similar fasteners) to any part of the floor, wall, or ceiling in the dealer room without the express permission of the convention Head of Vendor Relations or convention Chair.
No holes may be drilled, cored, or punched in the facility
All freight and exhibit material must enter the facility through designated loading doors
All fire, safety, and building regulations must be strictly followed; particular attention should be paid to prohibitions against propane, acetylene, and other flammable materials
Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of all materials at the conclusion of the convention
Selling Policies
Within all other established rules, it is the convention’s policy to allow vendors to carry out their business with customers in the manner they feel is best. As such, vendors are free to refuse refunds, limit payment methods, and set other related policies in the operation of their booths. In general, any activity related to the conducting of a vendor’s business is acceptable so long as it does not violate convention policies, the policies of the convention facility, or state and/or local laws.
Please note that the convention does require all prices on merchandise to be clearly displayed or otherwise communicated in US dollars.
Please note that the selling of merchandise from any location on the convention site other than the dealer room is prohibited. Any vendor found violating this policy will be in violation of this contract and will be promptly evicted from the premises without refund of any registration fees. Exceptions may be granted for other conventions and organizations that wish to sell registrations/memberships. These organizations must obtain express written permission from Midwest Media Expo in advance. No vendor is allowed to sell merchandise under the guise of a different vendor. Vendors are also not allowed to share space; all vendors utilizing a space must be listed on the original application and approved before they are accepted.
Cancellation of Reservations
A vendor may cancel reservations for dealer room booths and services after payment has been sent so long as notification of cancellation is received by Midwest Media Expo no later than 30 days prior to the event. In this case, all registration fees will be returned to the vendor promptly in the form of the vendor’s original payment. After the cancellation date, all registration fees become non-refundable except under extenuating circumstances as arbitrated by the Head of the Department of Vendor Relations and/or the Chair of Midwest Media Expo.Midwest Media Expo reserves the right to cancel a contract and reservation at any time without prior notification and without providing a specific explanation. In this event, the vendor will be refunded all registration fees paid to Midwest Media Expo. In this event, Midwest Media Expo shall not be liable for any other costs incurred by the vendor as a result of contract cancellation, including but not limited to travel, lodging, and freight expenses (in entirety or to the maximum extent allowable under the law, if applicable). A contract is considered null and void if any of the information provided on it is proven to be false or proven to have been provided for fraudulent purposes
State and Local Laws
Michigan law requires that all vendors operating at this convention have a sales permit number before selling merchandise at the convention. If you don't have a form, you can call the Michigan Department of Treasury or visit their website at http://www.michigan.gov/treasury/. These licenses must be presented to convention staff on request.
Protection of the Convention Attendees
The convention places the highest priority on the safety of all persons attending Midwest Media Expo. Therefore, any exhibitors selling items that have the potential to cause harm (especially swords, knives, and other weapons) should instruct their customers to immediately store these items in a safe place (e.g., car, hotel room, etc.) or instruct them to clear the items with convention security before walking around with them after exiting the dealer room. Please note that the convention reserves the right to ask any vendor selling items that the staff considers potentially dangerous to sign a waiver of liability at or before the beginning of the convention. Failure to sign this waiver before the convention, if requested, may result in the cancellation of a vendor’s reservation. Refusal to sign this waiver at the convention may result in the removal of a vendor from the convention without refund.
Neither Midwest Media Expo nor its agents or representatives will be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the vendor or to the vendor’s associates or property from any cause whatsoever. The vendor shall obtain, at his or her own expense, adequate insurance against such injury, loss, or damage. Midwest Media Expo shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations under this contract as a result of strikes, riots, acts of God, or any other cause of any kind whatsoever beyond Midwest Media Expo's control. Anyone visiting, viewing or otherwise participating in the vendor's exhibit is deemed to be the invitee or licensee of the vendor, rather than the invitee or licensee of the convention.
Midwest Media Expo shall not be liable for any injury whatsoever to the property of the vendor or the persons conducting or otherwise participating in the conduct of the exhibit or the invitees or guests of the vendor. The vendor freely accepts full and total responsibility for the conduct of all persons acting as agents of the vendor, thus indemnifying Midwest Media Expo from the consequences of or any liability arising from the actions of those persons.The vendor understands that neither Midwest Media Expo nor the convention facility maintains insurance covering the vendor's property and it is the sole responsibility of the vendor to obtain such insurance. There is no other agreement or warranties between the vendor and Midwest Media Expo except as set forth in this document. The rights of Midwest Media Expo under this contract shall not be deemed waived as specifically stated in writing and signed by an authorized officer of Midwest Media Expo. Any action that Midwest Media Expo or vendor may bring against each other, based upon or in any way relating to this Dealer Contract or its performance, shall be brought in Federal or State court located within the State of Michigan and Oakland County. Midwest Media Expo and the vendor hereby waive all questions of personal jurisdiction or venue in order to give effect of this provision.Midwest Media Expo asks, but does not require, that vendors provide their exhibitors with a copy of their liability policy to show to the dealer staff upon arrival at the convention site.
Please make sure that you have read, understood, and signed the dealer contract associated with this application before submitting this contract. If you are selected to be a dealer for the 2017 Midwest Media Expo, an invoice will be sent to you by email with payment instructions. Please be sure to check your spam folder for this email. Please pay your invoice promptly, delayed payments will be adjusted accordingly by date to the pricing schedule stated above.

Midwest Media Expo is not responsible for applications that are disqualified due to underpayment as a result of errors in calculations or late receipt of an application; such circumstances may result in the prompt return of all submitted materials without the making of any reservation. Please note that the convention chair and the Head of the Vendor Relations Department are the final word on all matters regarding the dealer room. The contract is a written form of the rules, requirements, and expectations that those persons will enforce. Should any situation that is not covered by the contract arise, it will be dealt with in an appropriate manner by the Head of Vendor Relations, and possibly the Midwest Media Expo Convention Chair as necessary.

This application should be signed by the business owner or by a duly appointed representative of the business for which the application is submitted. Midwest Media Expo reserves the right to request proof of a representative’s association with a particular company if it should be considered necessary. Please make certain that the contact information on the first page is accurate, in case the event needs to contact you regarding this application or the convention in general. We are not responsible for any kind of consequences that may result from not being able to contact you with the information you have provided us.

Name and signature of Owner or Representative of the business named on the first page
By typing your name below, you are confirming that you are an authorized representative of your business and are giving an electronic signature and committing your business to the terms of the Midwest Media Expo dealer contract. *
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