Portland A&O Survey
Feedback for 2018 Events and Action Plan
1. Which of the following Athletic and Outdoor industry events organized by Prosper Portland did you attend in 2017? (check all that apply) *
2. Overall, how was your experience at these events?
Disliked it
Loved it!
3. What motivated you to attend one of these Prosper Portland events? (choose your top motivation)
4. Based on your experience, what would you suggest to improve future Prosper Portland hosted A&O events?
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5. What types of events would you recommend for 2018-2019? (check all that apply) *
6. If you answered no to Question #1, why have you not attended a Prosper Portland hosted A&O event in 2017?
At the December 7th A&O Annual Event, we unveiled an industry report and call to action, which found that there is industry need for collective action around several goals.
7. Of these goals, which one would you be most interested in working to advance? (choose your top priority) *
8. Would you be willing to volunteer to be on a working committee or task force that meets no more than 4 times per year to advance your goal? *
If yes, please provide us with your contact information (Full Name)
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