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    The EnviGuard project aims is to develop a highly specific and precise measurement device for currently hard to measure man-made chemical contaminants and biohazards (toxic microalgae, viruses, bacteria, biotoxins and PCBs) that can be used as an early warning system in aquaculture and environmental monitoring.

    The scope of this questionnaire:

    This questionnaire aims to understand the main problems encountered within seawater aquaculture due to fish diseases, algal blooms and chemical pollutants. It also aims to learn about the current monitoring practices, associated costs, and if farmers are interested in better monitoring systems. By learning about the farm locations and set-up, the questionnaire will provide insight as to the logistical needs required for such new technologies. The approximate time to fill in this questionnaire is ten (10) minutes. We are very grateful for your feedback. All the questions are optional.

    Confidentiality of the data:

    This research is being carried out by AquaBioTech Ltd, (www.aquabt.com) and the University of Istanbul (www.istanbul.edu.tr) for the EU funded (FP7) project, EnviGuard. All the questions are optional. We appreciate that this questionnaire deals with sensitive information. In all circumstances, identities of individual respondents and their answers will be treated as confidential and will be used only for research purposes. Your input will only be used in combination with the responses of others participating in the survey. Our research examines the opinions of groups of respondents. We will not release your personal information to any third party. Giving your name and contact details is completely voluntary and will only be used in case clarifications are required, and / or if you accept to participate in additional surveys related to this project. If you have any concerns about the survey, please contact us on thb@aquabt.com or 00356 2258 4100.