What are you biggest concerns?
In order for BVNA to prioritize resources, we need to know what you think the biggest problems facing the neighborhood.  Your answers will help us continue to work towards building  stronger bonds between neighbors and build a better tomorrow.
Do you live in the Buena Vista Neighborhood? *
How Many of your neighbors do you know?
None of them
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How often do you participate in activities in the Buena Vista Neighborhood?
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If you do not participate in activities, why not?
What types of activities would you participate in/like to see in the neighborhood?
I don't have any feelings on this way or the other about this.
This should happen less often.
This happens just enough.
This should happen more often.
Block Parties
Ice Cream Socials
Social Events/Meet and Greets
Neighborhood Association Meetings
Online Discussions
Street Fairs
Community Gardens
Children's Events (Art in the Park)
Holiday Celebrations (4th July etc)
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Overall, how strong is the sense of community in this neighborhood?
Not Strong
Very Strong
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Overall, how safe do you feel in this neighborhood?
Not Safe
Extremely Safe
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Overall, how clean is this neighborhood?
Not Clean
Very Clean
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Please let us know how you feel the following topics should be prioritized? *
Low Priority
Medium Priority
High Priority
Traffic - Reckless Driving/Speeding Cars
Parking - Not Enough Street Parking
Parking - Vehicles Parked Illegally
Blight - Illegal Dumping
Blight - Unmaintained Front Yards
Blight - Unsafe/Unmaintained Buildings
Crime - Burglaries, Muggings
Crime - Car Thefts
Lack of Public Services - Slow Police/Fire Response
Lack of Public Services - Not Enough Parks/Playgrounds
Lack of Public Services - Not Enough Public Transportation
Lack of Public Services - Not Enough Libraries
Lack of Public Services - Not Enough Community Events
What do you like most about the Buena Vista neighborhood?
What changes would most improve the neighborhood?
What do you like least about the Buena Vista neighborhood?
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