Alive-N-Healthy June 2022 Survey
Please fill in the questions below. All information is and will be kept anonymous and is for research purposes only. Alive-N-Healthy strives to create content that is engaging and valuable to its readers. This survey is intended to learn more about Alive-N-Healthy readers' interests and needs.
Which one of the following subjects is most interesting to you? *
Which of the systems of medicine are you most drawn to? *
Which of the following Alive-N-Healthy books would you be most likely to buy based on your life situation? If none of the following applies, please suggest topics that would apply. *
Which topics would you like to see Alive-N-Healthy write about in the future? *
How did you find Alive-N-Healthy? *
Which of the following current Alive-N-Healthy products would interest you the most? If none of these apply, please suggest products that you might find valuable. *
Which of these courses would you most like to see on Alive-N-Healthy Academy next? *
Would you be interesting in health coaching? If so, what kind of coaching arrangement appeals to you the most? *
What kind of weekly meeting with other readers would you be interested in participating in? *
Are there any other comments you'd like to add?
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