SquashFit Bursary - Survey #2
The SquashFit Bursary is funded through Buckinghamshire Youth Bank & The Nic Willoughby Funds. Granted by Heart of Bucks, our community foundation.

The purpose of this survey is to analyse the impact of the activity you are attending. Taking part in this survey is a mandatory part of the SquashFit bursary. The answers given will be shared with Heart of Bucks to determine the impact of the bursary and will help shape future/similar bursaries. This survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

All details will remain confidential.
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Current Activity Levels 1. Are you doing more, less or the same amount of Physical Activity (in your own time) as you were 3 months ago? *
Session Feedback 2. Overall what do you think about the sessions? *
Session Feedback 3. How likely it is that you would recommend the session to a friend? (0 not at all-10 Extremely likely) *
Not at All
Extremely likely
Session Feedback 4. Why do you continue to attend the sessions? (Tick all that apply) *
Session Feedback 4. How would you rate your coach/instructor? *
Very poor
Very good
Gives clear instructions
Is fun
Is supportive
Keeps sessions exciting
Listens to me
Is enthusiastic
Makes you feel safe at the sessions
Session Feedback 6. What do you like about the sessions? *
Session Feedback 7. Please state anything that you would change with the sessions that would make them more enjoyable? *
Session Feedback 8. What benefits have you gained if any from attending the sessions? (e.g. increased confidence or gained Duke of Edinburgh experience / other qualification) *
Thank you for completing the SquashFit Halfway Point Feedback Survey. Once submitted, you will receive a copy of your submission. The 3rd & Final SquashFit Survey will be sent towards the end of the grant period.
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