TESOL CHILE - Call for Papers 2019
ELT for the New Generations: Advocating for Social Justice in Chile
Conference Date: December 13th – 14th
Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile.
Call for papers: 24th August – 30th September 2019 (00:00 GMT-4)

TESOL Chile is glad to invite language teachers, students, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders to send their proposals to its XV Conference. This year, we are particularly interested in receiving proposals under the title of ELT for the New Generations: Advocating for Social Justice in Chile. However, proposals under all the following strands are also welcome:

a. Teaching English to Young Learners
b. Teacher Education and Teacher Learning
c. English for Specific Purposes
d. Teaching English in Inclusive Environments
e. Applied Linguistics
f. Reading, Writing, and Literacy
g. Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening

For this year’s conference, we are accepting proposals for the following session types:

Presentation (30’): 1–3 Presenters.

These are typical oral presentations that may be delivered individually or as part of a group discussion. These sessions give presenters a chance to share their ideas, experiences and perspectives gleaned from their research, practice or policy background and/or focus. They also provide the audience with ample opportunities for participation, engagement, and serve as springboards stimulating further discussion, dialogue, reflection, and action.

Teaching Tip (30’): 1–2 Presenters.

Oral summary of presenter’s work in relation to practice, tackling an issue or developing a specific teaching technique.

Panel (60’): 1-hour session. 3–5 Presenters.

Multiple, short presentations on and discussion of a current ELT issue focusing on practice, research, and/or advocacy. Presenters take around 35 minutes to share each of their ideas, experiences, and perspectives and then engage in an active discussion with the audience for about 15 minutes.

Factors Affecting Proposal Selection

We consider a number of factors in proposal selection:

• The quality of the proposal as reflected in blind rating scores from reviewers using a rubric (https://www.tesolchile.cl/rubric.pdf).
• The range of topics within the ELT profession.
• The relevance of a topic to convention attendees (mainly EFL school teachers).
• The number of presentations on the same or a similar topic.
• Balanced strand coverage.
• The presenter(s) level of expertise as evidenced in the proposal.
• The professional and geographic distribution of presenters.

Although we offer over 40 concurrent sessions over the two days of the convention, this number typically represents 35-40% of the proposals we receive. Unfortunately, the realities of time and space do not allow for the acceptance of every outstanding proposal.

On occasion, the convention planners may request that you consider a different format for your presentation.

Registration fee for presenters: CLP $10.000 per presenter
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