Application for The Hub
You're Invited to Join Us in Person in 2024!
In The Hub, We Play Life Full Out

This is your chance to be around people with extraordinary capacity for development, awakening, and accessing the dormant and latent potentials that are waking up in all of us

This survey gives you an opportunity for self reflection and introspection. We invite you to take a moment to drop into silence and stillness from which you can be in relationship with this application.

We recently hosted an Interest Call for The Hub. You can watch the recording here

Thank you for being you ❤️
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Please share links to your Instagram, Facebook, Personal website, project website, YouTube channel, podcast, etc.

Any ways we can get to know you better via the internet. Feel free to share as many as you'd like! 
Our Emerging Future can connect you with people, projects, communities, and hubs in your area. Please enter information on where you are in the world 🌎 below 👇

We have fields for Primary Location and Travel Location 📍

So for example, if you live in London and you are currently in Thailand, you can list London as your Primary Location and Thailand as your Travel Location.

If you are Nomadic, please write "Nomadic" in the Primary Location field and list your current location in the Travel Location field 🙏
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We will be in different parts of the world in 2024.
When and Where would you like to join us?
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Why do you want to come to The Hub? *
What do you sense is possible for you by joining us in The Hub? *
What is working well for you in life right now? *
What could be working better? *
What is lighting you up and bringing you most alive in life right now? *
Have you ever lived in an intentional community before? If yes, please share details about your experience *
Your Contribution
Why would we love to have you with us? *
What are creative ways you see you can contribute to The Hub? *
This is a chance to be radically honest with yourself and us
Please speak openly and freely so we can determine if this is a good fit
Why should we NOT choose you? *
What are your red flags?
What are you scared we will discover about you living in community together?
What do you imagine we might not be able to love and accept in you?
Minimum Buy In For Living Together:
What is your monthly income? (Average)
How do you care for your physical body and wellbeing? Do you exercise regularly?
Do you have support systems in place (coaching, therapy, etc.) to support you with your personal healing, developmental, evolutionary, and awakening journeys?

Please share about support structures you have in place to work through your difficulties and challenges.
What's Next?
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this application. We are deeply grateful to you for giving yourself the opportunity to go through these questions and giving us the opportunity to know you more.

A member of the Our Emerging Future Hub Team will read your responses and get back to you on the status of your application.

We will reach out with any additional questions and let you know what we need from you regarding next steps.

In the meantime, feel free to join the Our Emerging Future WhatsApp Community via this link.

We use this WhatsApp Community to connect frontrunners and embodied examples of the emerging way of being in addition to sharing updates on events in our online community and in person Global Gatherings
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