Parent/Community Survey: Oakwood CUSD #76
As the new Superintendent, I am very interested in hearing your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience and the learning growth of our students! Thank you:) Larry Maynard, Superintendent
What are the strengths and values of the School District and Community?
What makes our district and community unique and how can we pull together for the success of our students? (What are we doing well?)
Suggestions for Improvement: What are the weaknesses or areas of improvements needed within the School District?
What are the greatest challenges/opportunities facing the School District today and in the future?
What is something you feel that the new Superintendent needs to know and/or do in his first 100 days?
What can the new Superintendent do to help you?
Are there any barriers that prevent your participation in our school disrict?
What do you see as the most important role of the Superintendent?
How do you want to receive communication from the School District?
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