2019 San Diego Film Awards Special Honor Awards Nominations
Deadline: Feb 20th, 2019.

Film Consortium San Diego is currently accepting nominations for three of our special honor awards that will be given out at the San Diego Film Awards in 2019. Nominations will be accepted from the community and the final decision will be made by a panel of judges who review the nominations and determine the winner based on the following criteria:

1. Number of Votes received
2. Review of qualifications to determine eligibility for specific award.
3. Review of work produced by nominee or specific contributions to the local film industry.

A few things:

1. You cannot nominate yourself
2. By submitting your nomination, you are certifying that the person you are nominating qualifies for the the award you are nominating them for.
3. You can nominate a maximum of 1 person per award.

Here are the award qualifications criteria:
Lifetime Achievement Award: Awarded to the individual whose achievements over the course of their career has made a significant impact on the film community in San Diego. This should be someone close to the end of their career or retired completely and has spent a significant portion of their career working to improve, build, expand, enrich or encourage the local film community and industry.

Women in Film Award: Celebrates the vision and achievements of remarkable and accomplished women who work in the San Diego film industry. Nominees have achieved considerable success in the local film industry either through their own films or through notable positions or businesses in the local film industry.

Diversity in Film Award: Awarded to the director that excels at the craft and who casts actors of diverse ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexual-orientation in non-traditional roles in their fiction films. Nominees have pushed the boundaries as to what is traditionally represented in films and have made films that don't adhere to stereotypes.

One additional category we have is the "In Memoriam" Category. Please submit the names and information for any San Diego Film Community member who has passed away.

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