Parking Application 2019-20
Parking facilities are provided at PFHS as a convenience to students holding a valid driver’s license and who drive to school. Parking on school grounds is a privilege that may be granted by the administration. The following conditions must be met if the student wishes to benefit from this privilege:

+ Student must have a valid driver’s license and bring it with them when submitting application to the Secretary III/Bookkeeper.
+ Student will be allowed to register two vehicles.
+ Student must purchase a parking permit from the Secretary III/Bookkeeper in the Main Office.
+ The cost is: (1.) $200.00 for the school year and (2.) $100.00 per semester.
+ The Student must attend a meeting with the Safety & Security Officer prior to receiving the parking permit.
+ The Student will place the parking permit on the windshield inside on the lower left corner.
+ Parking will be on a first come first serve basis.
+ Once on school grounds, students will not be allowed to leave until school is dismissed, unless the student has an early dismissal from parent.
+ Traffic laws, school regulations, and normal safety procedures must be observed ALWAYS!
+ Maximum speed limit on school grounds: 10 mph.
+ The Student will keep vehicle locked while parked on school grounds.
+ Vehicles that are improperly parked, blocking fire or driving lanes, or constitute a safety hazard, may be tagged, ticketed, booted, or towed at the expense of the owner – this includes those without a properly displayed parking permit.
+ The use of another student’s parking permit is prohibited and will result in disciplinary consequences.
+ Violations of any these guidelines may result in revocation of parking privilege and/or other disciplinary action with no refund of the parking permit. All rules and expectations apply when on school property.
+ Lost permits must be replaced at a student cost of $10.00 if the student wishes to continue to park on school grounds.
+ All students 18 years of age, must have parent permission unless otherwise approved by the administration.

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Potomac Falls High School Parking Application 2019-2020
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