White Eagle Memorial Preserve at Ekone Ranch Cemetery Internship Application
Thanks for your interest in becoming a White Eagle Cemetery Intern!

Cemetery internships run between 2-6 months, and we offer a modest grave digging stipend in addition to room and board - the lodging may be a trailer, or a room in the Ekone lodge, depending on the number of volunteers and staff on the land at any given time.
Cemetery interns are responsible for grave tending, grave digging, as well as support for burials, tours, and visits. In addition to cemetery needs, interns participate in ranch chores and other Ekone projects, including the kitchen, garden, and forestry, depending on the time of year. Hours vary greatly based on time of year, emergent needs, and ranch priorities, but typically most interns can expect to work 25-40 hours each week. Some cemetery needs are on call, last minute in nature. You will work closely with Ekone's volunteer coordinator Michelle, as well as Cemetery Director Jodie.

Before coming out, it's helpful for us to get a sense of who are you, where you're coming from, and what is enticing you about White Eagle work, so thank you for being willing to fill out this application. We'll be in touch soon!
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Occupation, student status, or how you generally spend your time *
Have you ever been to Ekone before? If so, when and in what capacity? If not, how did you hear about us? *
We expect cemetery interns to stay for at least 2 months, with a possibility to stay longer if it's a good fit. What are your preferred dates? *
Do you have any experience living with off-grid systems, heating with wood, and/or living in a remote area - especially during the colder months? Please describe. *
Do you have any experience with death and dying or grief work? What are you most interested in learning during this experience? *
Do you have any experience with shovels, hand saws, pruning tools, or other cemetery tools? (If not, it's okay - learning how to use the tools is part of the internship :) But if you *do* have some experience, please let us know what it is!) *
Beyond Cemetery work, what ranch projects and program areas are you particularly interested in participating in or learning about? (Depending on the time of year and what else is happening, not everything is always possible, but it's helpful to get a sense of what peaks your interest.) *
Please describe your social needs & preferences—i.e. are you a social butterfly with a high desire to be with people, or do you need lots of alone time, or somewhere in the middle? (There’s a place for everyone! This just helps us find the right one for you.)
How do you plan to travel to and from Ekone, and do you need assistance? *
Do you have any dietary restrictions? *
Because we live and work so closely together, we are now requiring all staff, interns, and volunteers to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Are you currently fully vaccinated against COVID-19? *
It is imperative that volunteers at Ekone are a good fit for the community, the tasks at hand, the programs in operation, and the setting of rural ranch life. With ALL volunteers, we consider the first week a trial period. During and at the end of this week, the volunteer and Ekone staff have an opportunity for a “no-harm, no-foul” exit. And even after the trial week, Ekone staff reserves the right to ask any volunteer to leave the property at any time. (We do not intend to abuse this privilege, but we want to be very clear!) To protect both yourself and Ekone, please describe your exit plan, should an exit be required. Do you have adequate money, transportation, resources, family & friends, and a safe place to go if it doesn’t work out at Ekone? *
Our organizational policies and culture support moderate consumption of alcohol from time to time. We do not allow marijuana use in the Ekone Valley. Please describe your relationship with alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and any other substances, and let us know if you have further questions on this topic. *
Any questions for us? *
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