Website Audit
The Get Yourself Active team are collecting feedback from our community about our current website -

We would love to get your help as we look to redesign our website. We want the website to be as open, accessible and friendly to use as possible - so please answer all the questions and let us know your thoughts!
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1. How Satisfied are you with the current website? *
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2. What do you like about the website? *
3. What would you change? *
4. What do you use the website for? *
5. How accessible is the website?
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6. How could accessibility be improved? *
7. Are there any features you would like the website to have? (For example the team felt an FAQ button such as that pictured below would be helpful for users) *
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8. Do you have any further comments on how to improve the website?
9. We would like to invite you to a focus group session to discuss this project in more detail. The focus group would really help us make sure we are doing everything possible to make the site work for our community. We would pay you for your time and if you are interested please leave contact details below
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