St Teresa's Newbury Park - Parish Census
This form allows new and existing parishioners of St Teresa's Catholic Church, Newbury Park, to register as members of the parish, as part of the 2016 Parish Census. If you attend Mass regularly at St Teresa's and/or live within the parish boundaries and attend Mass elsewhere or nowhere, please complete this form. Up to 8 people living at the same address can be added at the same time. Please include anyone ordinarily resident who is currently living away from home (e.g. university students or someone in residential care). You may also include non-Catholic family members.
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This is the surname (or multiple surnames) which identifies your household and can be used on mailings. Individual names which are different from this can be added later.
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The main contact number (e.g. landline) for this address. Individual mobile/work numbers can be added later.
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Other parishes
Please give the name of any other Catholic churches members of the family habitually attend.
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