Boulevard Tree Survey
The Houston Tree Board is aiming to get an understanding of how many boulevard trees have been lost and not replaced over the years. We also want to gain an understanding of the community's interests and priorities regarding tree replacement in Houston City Park. Thank you for your help!
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Contact information (email, phone number, or address)
Have you lost a boulevard tree since the last tree survey in 1994?
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Has your tree been replaced?
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When was your tree replaced?
What species was your tree replaced with?
How important is it for the trees lost in the city park to be replaced? 1 being Very Important - 5 Not Important
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Would you be interested in helping with replacing the trees in the city park?
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If willing to make a donation to help replace the trees in city park, how much would you be willing to donate?
How interested would you be in participating in an Arbor Day event to replace trees in city park? 1 being Very Interested - 5 being Not Interested
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Not Interested
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Is there anything else you would like the tree board to be aware of?
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