Water & Sanitation Commitments for UN Water Action Agenda

Thank you for your interest in sharing the commitment of your congregation, NGO, parish, or community to the promotion or protection of clean water and sanitation! Through your current work (or the water-related project you plan to begin in the near future), you are contributing to Goal #6 in the UN's Agenda for Sustainable Development: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

When leaders of governments, businesses, NGOs, and other civil society groups meet for the UN 2023 Water Conference this March (22-24 March 2023), they will be exchanging their best ideas and commitments to help our global community make progress toward Sustainable Development Goal #6 (SDG 6).

By completing the form below, VIVAT International and the Justice Coalition of Religious (JCoR), a family of organizations representing Catholic Religious and their partners at the UN, will be able to add your ideas and commitments to the UN's Water Action Agenda (a collection of voluntary commitments to accelerate progress on SDG 6 and other global goals related to water). Your actions will be compiled with the larger-scale commitments from governments, companies, organizations, institutions, and coalitions at the UN 2023 Water Conference. In addition, this survey is to collect database information on Water related issues and projects or activities.

No project or task is too big or too small to be shared here!

Please respond to the questions below to the best of your ability. Submit your responses no later than 25 April.

Questions may be sent to viny@vivatinternational.org and info@jcor2030.org

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What is the name of your project or commitment?

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Name of the group, community, or organization that is undertaking the project

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In what city and country is this group's headquarters or primary office/institution located?


In what country or countries is your project happening?


To which of the following aspect(s) of water and sanitation progress does your project contribute?

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What is your specific objective? In other words, what are you hoping to achieve or what have you achieved already?

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What specific activities are you undertaking in order to achieve your objective(s)?

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When (estimated month/year) do you intend to complete any of the activities named above?

 (Please name at least one of the activities and a month/year by which you plan to complete it. This timeline is only an estimate.) 

Are you working with any other groups (organizations, government offices or agencies, congregations, parishes, communities, etc.) to accomplish your work? If yes, please write these groups' names here.

In addition to matters of water and sanitation, does your project have any direct impact on any of the other areas of concern listed below?

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If you selected any of the issues above, please offer a very brief explanation about how your water or sanitation work has an impact on each of the issues you selected in the previous question.

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Does your project/initiative have a website or any publications written about it? If yes, please share the hyperlinks to the site and/or publication(s) here.

Thank You!
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