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Terms & Conditions
As the event organizer, you are responsible for keeping complete and accurate records on all your donors and supporters (including donor’s complete name, full address and telephone number).

The Child Awareness Project is not responsible for any commitments made by the organizing committee of your fundraising activity.

The Child Awareness Project is not responsible for selling tickets for your activity and cannot advance funds to cover expenses.

The Child Awareness Project reserves the right to cancel the project if, for serious reasons, it does not agree with the use of its name and logo.

The organizing committee releases the Child Awareness Project from any responsibility of any nature whatsoever related to the benefit activity, and assumes any litigation resulting from said activity.

All promotional and publicity materials relating to an event/activity supporting the Child Awareness Project as the designated charity must be approved by the organization.

The event shall be held according to all applicable laws and shall not prejudice the reputation of the Child Awareness Project

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