NEMS Parent Survey 2018
This is a survey to gather information about what you like about NEMS and what you would like to see offered for next year. You are not choosing classes at this time nor will all of these options necessarily be available.
What do you think Northeast Middle School's greatest strength is?
What do you think Northeast Middle School's greatest challenge is?
What year long class would you prefer your child to take next year? Please rank in order of preference. *
EL or Literacy/Reading Support
1st Choice
2nd Choice
What semester class would you prefer your child take next year? *
Visual Arts
Media Arts
B.L.A.C.K. Class
Ethnic Studies
1st Choice
2nd Choice
What services or activities helped your child this year? Check all that apply *
What else has helped your child to be successful in school this year?
Is there an adult at school who knows your child and you feel comfortable going to for help? *
Please rank order the following items, #1 being an element to preserve above all else, and #4 the one that you could live with cuts in if need be
Small class size (average 25-30)
Variety of elective offerings
Social emotional support for students (counselors, social workers, deans, etc)
Classroom materials (school supplies, art copies, lab supplies, technology)
#1 (Most Important)
#4 (Could live without)
To ensure we are gathering feedback from a diverse group of families, please indicate your race or ethnicity (choose all that apply). This is a voluntary response.
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