2017 Summer Parent Evaluation
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After talking to your child about their time at Pendalouan, please take a moment to respond to the questions below.

Which camp did your child attend? *
What session(s)? *
This was my child's ______ summer at Pendalouan.
What month did you decide that your child would be going to camp this summer?
What month did you actually register for summer camp?
As a Parent, how would you rate our camp overall?
If not a 10, what could we do to get there?
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What did your camper like about their Pendalouan experience?
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As a parent, please rate how Pendalouan served your needs:
Very Poor
Very Good
Registration Process
Pre-Camp Information/Contact
Check In and Check Out Procedures
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You probably noticed that we focus on Honesty, Caring, Respect, Responsibility and our camp motto, "I'm Third." Any comments?
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We think we do well at helping kids feel good about themselves and making new friends. Any comments?
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Will your camper be returning next summer?
Why did you choose Pendalouan over another summer camp?
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If you had 30 seconds, how would you describe your child's Pendalouan experience to another parent?
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Any other additional suggestions as to how we can improve or overall comments from you or your camper?
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Did any of our staff stand out as helpful or deserving of recognition, and if so why?
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Campers' Name
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Parent's Name
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Address, City, State, Zip
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Did you receive Financial Aid through our Campership Program?
If so, is there anything you would like to say to our donors who help make Camperships possible?
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