2019 SVCUE Mini-Grant Application
* Receive up to $1500.00 Mini-grant
* Share your learning at our annual T3 event

As a SVCUE member you have the opportunity to apply for a Mini-Grant of up to $1500.00 for personal ownership of equipment and/or software to support your great new ideas in classroom instruction! This equipment/software is for your personal use and will belong to YOU!

Grant winners are required to share how your students or colleagues have benefited from your project by presenting at the annual SVCUE Teach Through Technology (T3) event in March. SVCUE encourages you to share your project information with CUE in a conference presentation or an ON-CUE article.

ALL applicants must be registered SVCUE members.

A minimum of 15 points needs to be achieved to be considered for a mini-grant.

Application is due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

Project Proposal
Description (1 point) *
Project abstract: student grade level(s), curriculum topic(s), technology used, and Project goals. Include a Project title! (1200 characters max)
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Objectives (2 points) *
Define Project instructional objectives and list related California (including Common Core) & ISTE standards. It is important to address which academic challenge your project adresses.(1200 characters max)
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Activities (4 points) *
Describe the activities designed to produce the learning described in goals and objectives. Are there opportunities for student and/or teacher collaboration? Tell the Grant readers how this Project describes an extension, enhancement, or an innovation in teaching or learning. (1200 characters max)
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Equipment (6 points) *
Describe how requested equipment/software will be used to enhance student learning and achieve Project goals, objectives and standards. (1200 characters max)
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Evaluation (4 points) *
Describe the methods used to measure student and teacher learning. (1200 characters max)
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Application of Learning (4 points) *
How will students apply the learning outside of the classroom? (1200 characters max)
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Dissemination (4 points) *
How can this Project be replicated or adapted in other classrooms? How will you share your successful Project beyond SVCUE? How do you plan to share your project with CUE or other tech organizations? (1200 characters max)
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Reach (4 points) *
How many students could this project impact? Could you partner with someone to expand this project across other classrooms? How do you plan to share what happens in your project with others? How are you building capacity? (1200 characters max)
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Timeline (2 points) *
Realistic estimates of time required for main activities. (1200 characters max)
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Budget (2 points) *
Provide an itemized cost budget to include the amount of funds provided from other sources as well as the amount requested of SVCUE. (1200 characters max)
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