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We need to build back better. We need a society wide movement that demands a recovery plan which Improves people's lives and does much better than going ‘back to normal', but protects us in the long run.

Build Back Better is a collaborative campaign to ensure that the response to this crises meets the immediate needs of people and communities, invests properly in the people and vital public services and health systems we all rely on, and rebuilds the economy to ensure greater resilience against future shocks. This includes properly valuing workers, prioritising people over big business interests and rapidly decarbonising in a way that improves peoples lives, fights inequality and is globally just.

The Build Back Better campaign is going to put pressure on decision makers over the next few crucial months and stop us from replaying the austerity response of the past. We will engage with people from all over the UK in online and eventually offline actions, starting with a launch on International Nurses day. We need organisations to build tactics which will engage with their communities of supporters and influencers as well as contribute to a collaboration of the willing. We hope you will join us.

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