Portfolio Management Service
If you are interested in being part of my Portfolio Management Service, then kindly fill this form as a letter of intent. Please be aware I am not a register Portfolio Manager. I am a SEBI registered Research Analyst. Post the submission of this form we will have a video call for mutual understanding. Please click the calendar link presented post submission.

- Kavita Agrawal CFA CMT 
SEBI RA INH000010982
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AMC = Asset management charge
Profit sharing is calculated and settled quarterly on Net Realized Profit 
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if international, please include ISD code
How much fund do you wish to put in PMS *
You will be required to add this amount to your trading account. At no point will this amount leave you bank or trading account you will have control on it at all times. Only your brokerage account login will be shared with me and it will be kept confidential and protected under advisory-client privileges
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I will set up a call with you next week to discuss compensation and charges. 
Have you done submitted the DDPI form? *
Submitting DDPI is optional. Clients who have opened accounts online can use the CDSL TPIN to authorise the debit of securities. But the CDSL TPIN is highly inefficient for active trading. To sign up for this PMS, DDPI is compulsory
Referred by (name, phone number)
_Profit sharing is only on Net Realized Profits. 

Net Realised Profits= Realised profits+ Realised Losses- Brokerage charges
Unrealized profit is not taken into consideration when calculating NRP
The NRP is calculated pre-tax. 
_For payments like profit sharing and AMC, bank to bank transfer should be done only in the account details provided over the mutual understanding email 
_At any time if the account value drops more than 10%, the account owner will be intimated immediately and joint steps will be taken
_The AMC is not refundable in case of sudden discontinuation or fund withdrawal
_There maybe quarterly settlements by broker which require any idle amount to be sent back to the bank account, in such occasion please transfer back the same amount to the trading account
_Increase in funds will only be allowed in increments of Rs. 10 lacs for operational simplicity. If a smaller PAYIN is done then the profit earned on the excess will be calculated on the original base for the period.
_Google Authenticator and Mprofit setup will be discussed and explained on the 1:1 connect.
I have reviewed the terms of operation, understand and accept them *
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