Design Fellowship Onboarding Survey
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If you have any questions, please reach out to Andrew Pratt,
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There are some special materials that we want you to have for your Fellowship work. Since this will be a virtual experience, we plan to mail some of those directly to your home. Please share your address here:
Fellowship Dates and Expectations
Please review the dates, expectations, and commitments in the Design Fellowship overview:

January 15th (9 am - 11 am): Kick-off + Community building. Jan-Feb: design work and coaching.
February 25th (full day): Workshop 1. Feb-March: design work and coaching.
March 25th (full day): Workshop 2. March-April: design work and coaching.
April 29th (full day): Workshop 3. April-May: design work and coaching.
May 27th (full day): Workshop 4
Fall 2021: Communities of Practice to support ongoing work (optional)

By completing this survey, you commit to attending the workshops, scheduling coaching sessions at least monthly, and completing the readings, projects, and work of the Fellowship.

Please reach out to Andrew Pratt,, if there are scheduling conflicts with workshop dates or other concerns about the program commitments.
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