Misschevious Blog Application
Thankyou for your interest in becoming a blogger for Misschevious. Currently Misschevious are only accepting active bloggers, although we do understand that creations are not always everyones style. We do encourage you to try to blog as many items as possible.

1. Post regularly, minim 2 per month if you have any problem please send Darkmatter Wizardly a note card
2. Make quality post that involves describing the item and put the name of the store. for example: Misschevious - Raver Baby - Blue
3. Please have the Misschevious logo visible on your Blog as a sponsor (this is a must)
4. if you use flickr, you must attach your photo to: https://www.flickr.com/groups/3741181@N25/

Your blog will be reviewed regularly so please make sure to add to the flickr group and post in the bloggers group your blog links. Failure to blog items for a period of time will face immediate removal from the blogging group.

If you feel you can follow all rules here please feel free to complete the form below.

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