Small Group Survey
St. Stephen Cathedral

A Small Faith Group is a group of, usually 6 to 10 people that meet on a regular basis to discuss a common topic that is based upon Faith. Their mission is to lead people into a deeper relationship with each other thereby transforming their lives to grow in relationship with Jesus. Meaningful relationships are one of the key ways that God leads people to Jesus and into the Journey of continuing conversion.

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If any of the following Small Groups were available, which one/ones would interest you? Which one/ones will help you grow in your relationship with Jesus?
Which meeting styles do you prefer?
Would watching a DVD series with discussions afterward be of interest to you?
Which would you prefer?
How often would you like to meet:
When would be a good time for you to meet with a small group?
Would you take advantage of childcare?
Where would you prefer to meet?
Given proper training, would you be willing to facilitate small groups?
What is your age group?
Which group would you prefer?
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