May 16 Volunteers & Support
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Every day families, chosen families, educators, school support staff, and community members work hard to meet the needs of all children in the community. We buy supplies out of our own pockets, contribute food for backpacks on weekends, give rides, offer childcare, share clothing, help with homework, donate books, and more. Every day, we make it happen so that all kid's potential can be realized and they have the opportunity to thrive.

Many of you have been hearing about educators throughout the state taking a personal day and going to Raleigh to advocate for our students, our schools, and each other at the opening of the state's General Assembly on May 16. A number of parents and community members have already reached out to offer support across the state.

Thank you. We are in this together for our community's young people.

If you want to offer support, please fill out the form below. We will follow up with you as needs arise.

More information is at For additional questions, please contact

Do you support school workers taking a personal day to advocate for our students, our schools, and each other, on May 16?
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YES, I'd like to volunteer! I can...
I can be a social media volunteer on May 16!
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I can join in Raleigh on May 16
I can donate money to help defray organizing costs
I can give interviews to reporters
I can help arrange care or meals for students on or before May 16
I want to organize support among other parents in my community
Any other ways that you could offer support that we're not thinking of?
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