2023 St. Elias Scholarship Application


$1,000.00 One-Year Scholarship Application

As you complete this application, your progress and responses will be saved until you complete the entire application and submit it. 

This application must be submitted on or before June 2, 2023.

Parish/MYO involvement, academic merit and leadership are the criteria by which applicants will be judged. Financial need is not a factor in the selection of scholarship winners.

All scholarships are issued by St. Elias Maronite Church, conditioned upon the enrollment of the student at an accredited college or university. Scholarship funds will be directed to the college or university or, if the recipient elects, to the recipient, provided that the recipient notifies the St. Elias office of his/her election prior to September 1. If the recipient does not elect to receive the scholarship funds directly, upon receiving a verification of enrollment from proper school officials, St. Elias will forward to the institution a check in the amount of the award to establish a credit for the scholarship recipient. If the recipient timely elects to receive the scholarship funds directly, St. Elias will forward a check to the recipient upon receiving a verification of enrollment from proper school officials dated later than September 15th.

All applications become the property of the St. Elias Maronite Church.
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