Please complete this form for registration. Do NOT submit your information more than one time. All entries must be received by the Monday before the class at midnight. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!!
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Class dates listed are for the Monday, Tuesday, and Friday Classes. If you require CPR plan on attending Wednesday the week of VRS class. If you are Retesting only, Plan on attending the Friday date only. If you are coming for the equivalency portion of the class (requires pre-approval by fire commission for candidates with previous experience and certification ONLY), plan on attending only the Tuesday class. If you have a current CPR Card meeting the criteria of the above question you will only need to attend the Monday, Tuesday and Friday Classes.
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For candidates with previous certification and experience ONLY (Requires PRE-APPROVAL from the PGFD Fire Commission)
If you answered "YES" to the above question, have you submitted your equivalency package? If you answered "NO", then simply click "NOT APPLICABLE". *
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If you are scheduling to re-take the final exam, or re-take the entire program please check the appropriate box. If neither apply (first time taking VRS program and exam), simply click the tab labeled "NO" *
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By clicking "I agree" below, I understand that the doors to the classroom will be closed and locked promptly at 1900 hours and I will not be allowed late entry, I also understand that if I do not bring copies of my FEMA IS 100 and 700 I will not be permitted to take the class and must re-register and begin the process over. *
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