Trans-Made Trans Films: Suggestions
March 2020
With screening venues currently closed due to the coronavirus, I was asked last week to compile a list of trans-made trans films that are currently available online for free for a film festival, as well as a film studies class, both needing to rework their lineup/syllabus to meet remotely. Over my 7 years as Festival Director for Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival I had compiled quite a catalogue and I was happy to dive in, see what was available, and share it. It occurred to me that this list might come in handy for many more people, so I decided to put it on my website ( At the moment it is organized by Feature Documentaries, Feature Narratives, Short Documentaries, and Short Narratives. I will continue to add to this and would love recommendations of more films to add. To add a film, please use this form. Thanks!
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