#ChallengingDamsels 2021
Hi! If you're here, I'm assuming that you've been following along on the #ChallengingDamsels book challenge. (Well, that was unwieldy!) Information about the challenge and categoreies can be found at http://damselspodcast.com/challengingdamsels2021.

The idea is to fill out the form and add in the books you've read. I'm going to keep it open all year, so you can come back until Dec 29, 2021, and add as needed. Or you can write them all down and do it at once. Your choice!

I'd appreciate if you would put the author or book if possible. More data is always helpful.

Please remember to put in some identifying information, like a name, email address, or social media handle. You don't need to fill it all out. Just so I can keep all information the same when I talk about this at the end of 2021.

-- Jessica
Social Media Name
Email address
Back list no more
Debuting YA Author
Make It Modern
Not Another Regency
Siblings: A Series
Comfort Zone, Begone
Backstage Hookup
Positive Disability Representation
Black love
Time for a holiday
Non-binary or Trans author.
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