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Due to the massive influx of phone calls we receive, we now require an application form to be submitted so that your inquiry is handled in the most efficient and organized manner.  Please be as detailed as possible.  We are not staffed to offer free tech support for non-booking clientele.  This form is for clients with serious inquiries wishing to book services/appointments with our company.

Once your application has been processed we will most likely reach out to you via email with additional information.  On average, we have a 1-3 business day lead time for inquiry follow up.   This is the first step in doing business with us as it helps to paint a picture of what we are dealing with so that we can properly handle your inquiry as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our shop is a closed facility and works by appointment only. We are lucky enough to stay very busy and our undivided attention is focused on the cars currently in our shop (the same attention your vehicle will receive when the time comes). That being said,  if you have already completed this form, please do not attempt to submit another, do not email us separetely asking if we've received it, and do not call asking if we've received it.  Rest assured that we have received your inquiry and will be reaching out to contact you as soon as time allows.

Please take your time with this form and fill it out as detailed as possible.  The more information provided the quicker we will be in contact with you.  Thank you for inquiring with AV Tuning & Development and we look forward to working with you soon.  
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Client expectation from services being inquired about.    Please include your financial budget so that we can verify feasibility of your inquiry.   Example)  What are your power goals?  What will this vehicle be used for?  What is your timeframe for this project?  Not including expectations or financial budget will result in your inquiry being discarded. *
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