LGBT+ Representation on the BBC between 2006 - 2013

I'm writing a research report on the BBC's on-air television representation of the LGBT+ community for my MA. I'm interested primarily in getting some feedback on: comedy/drama programming involving/featuring LGBT+ characters; your views of the BBC's level of representation of the LGBT+ community; any additional comedy/drama programmes that I might have missed. I previously put up a question about this on various social media sites, and have decided to collect the data in a bit more detail.

You don't need to live/be from the UK to participate - any involvement would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all so much!

    UK or Abroad

    As this survey will be conducted over the internet, it's important to recognise that some of the respondents may not live in the UK (and thus, presumably, are not a part of a licence-fee paying household). As Stonewall's 2006 'Tuned Out' report was conducted within the UK, knowing which responses come from UK viewers and foreign viewers will allow me to compare data sets more easily.
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