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We made it -- today is our last class for the year! What is (at least) 1 thing you learned during Religious Ed this year?
Also -- please complete our short survey to help us improve our program!
4/24: No question this week. This shorter week got away from me and I couldn't think of a good Question to ask!! Have a great day. Mrs. Clancy
4/10: What are you looking forward to most on Easter Sunday?
Palm Sunday, or Passion Sunday, is the Sunday before Easter and begins Holy Week. It’s been a long 40 days of Lent, but it’s almost over. Whether you kept all your Lenten promises or had to start over a few times -- we know you did your best.
4/3: In this week’s Gospel (John 8:1-11), we hear Jesus tell the people who were trying to trick him: “Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” What does this saying mean to you? And how did the powerful people in the Gospel respond?
3/27: Draw a picture about a time you forgave someone or someone forgave you. Or create an acrostic using “FORGIVE” writing a word or phrase for each letter that describes how you forgive, or how you feel when you are forgiven. (ie Freedom, Others’ feelings, etc). Email a scan of your picture to 
In this week's Gospel (Luke 15:1-3,11-32) Jesus teaches about forgiveness in the parable of the Prodigal Son. It’s hard sometimes to forgive someone who hurts us. A lot of adults struggle with forgiveness -- it's not just students.
3/20: Have you done anything different this Lent? Or if you are just getting started, what do you plan to do different this Lent in terms of prayer, fasting & almsgiving?
We are in the 3rd week of Lent (in 3 more weeks we will be celebrating Easter!) At this half-way point, we have the opportunity to think about how our Lent is going.
3/13: In the gospel we hear how Peter, James & John responded when they woke and saw Jesus “transfigured” and speaking with Moses & Elijah and heard God’s voice. How would you have reacted?
In today’s Gospel (Luke 9:28b-36), Jesus is transfigured in the presence of Peter, John, and James. "Transfiguration" means "a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state" Check out this LEGO video telling this story:
3/6: Temptation is all around us, and it’s often much easier to do what’s wrong than do what’s right. Talk with your family about how you decide what to do when you are tempted. If you want to share how you decide that’s great, but no pressure. The conversation is the important part. You can just type HI if you want :)
In today’s Gospel (Luke 4: 1-13), Jesus is tempted by the devil in the desert
2/27: What Lenten activities will you participate in this year?
This Wednesday (3/2) is Ash Wednesday which begins the holy time of Lent. During the 40 days of Lent (not counting Sundays) we try a little harder to be kinder, pray more often, help others & give up things to make more time for God in our lives.  The three (3) tenets of Lent are: prayer, fasting & almsgiving (helping others)
2/13: Sometimes we forget how blessed we truly are -- we invite you to share with us some of the supreme blessings in your life.
In today’s Gospel (Luke 6:17,20-26), Jesus teaches the crowd the way to happiness with the Beatitudes in his Sermon on the Plain. "Beatitude" means "supreme blessedness"
2/6: Thinking about YOUR gifts & talents, tell us what you want to be when you grow up.
In today’s Gospel (Luke 5:1-11), The fishermen (Simon, James, and John) leave their fishing boats and follow Jesus. “Vocation” means the job you feel called to do using your gifts & talents. As Catholics we also think of vocations in terms of the sacraments of marriage and holy orders (priests & nuns).
1/30: We often believe what people think about us -- the good and the bad. Tell us 3 positive adjectives that describe you.
In today’s Gospel (Luke 4:21-30), Jesus takes a risk by sharing the Scripture & is rejected by the people in his hometown. They thought of him as just “that” Jesus they watched grow up.
1/23: What makes you YOU? What is something you want people to know about you? Do you have a talent? A unique trait? An accomplishment you want to share?
Each week at mass we hear a Gospel passage written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John telling us the story of Jesus’ life. Each of you are special and you too have a story.
1/9: This week, pretend you are the parent of a new baby: What would you name him or her? Who would you choose to be your baby’s Godparents?
In this week’s gospel (Lk 3:15-16) Jesus is baptized by John. You learned about Baptism a few weeks ago in another lesson, and shared with us details of your Baptismal Day.
12/19: Christmas is just a few days away! Tell us or draw us a picture of your favorite Christmas traditions. You can email your picture to
In this week’s gospel (Lk 1:39-45) Mary visits Elizabeth, her cousin, who sings praise to Mary and her child. Family is a very important part of Mary and Joseph and Jesus' story.
12/12: What can you do during Advent to slow down and appreciate your family and friends?
In this week’s gospel (Lk 3:10-18) John the Baptist teaches the path of repentance and announces Christ. Advent is a busy time of preparation. It's sometimes hard to not make it a frenzied time, but rather a time of joyful anticipation waiting for the birth of Baby Jesus.
12/5: Spend time talking about YOUR baptism. Then tell us something you learned -- the date, who are your godparents, a funny thing that happened -- anything.
In this week’s gospel (Lk 3:1-6) John preaches repentance and baptizes in the region of the Jordan. Most of us are baptized as babies so we don’t remember the special day -- but our family remembers! PS -- Happy Second Week of Advent!
11/21: What do you like best about Thanksgiving? Write it below or draw a picture and send it to
FYI -- This Sunday is the last Sunday in the Church's liturgical year. On this Sunday we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King. Next Sunday starts Advent (and the new liturgical year). Happy Thanksgiving!!!
11/14: If Jesus' Second Coming was next Monday, how would you spend your weekend?
In this weekend's gospel (Mk 13:24-32) Jesus teaches about the signs of the coming of the Son of Man. Jesus' words are not spoken to frighten us. Rather, they are offered to remind us to be prepared.
11/7: Spend time talking about family and friends who have passed away. Then tell us their names so we can add them to our prayers this month.
During November we remember and pray for all our loved ones who have died. The best way to honor those who have died is to talk about them & hear stories of when they were alive.
10/31: Tell us a little about a new saint you researched (when is their Feast Day? what are they the patron saint of? why did you choose them?). Or draw us a picture and email it to
The church celebrates All Saints Day on 11/1 to honor the saints in heaven & All Souls Day on 11/2 to pray for the deceased in purgatory. Take some time this week to learn about a new saint.
10/24: What will you pray for today?
In this week's Gospel (Mk 10:46-52) Jesus restores sight to the blind man, Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus didn't give up trying to get Jesus' attention, even when the crowds tried to silence him. When we pray, God wants us to be so confident he will help us that we don’t permit anyone to keep us from bringing our needs to God in prayer.
10/17: What makes a good leader? How can you be a good leader?
In this week's gospel (Mk 10:35-45) we hear again that to follow Jesus means to serve those in need. When James and John ask for seats on honor in Jesus' kingdom, Jesus explains to his disciples the importance of service and sacrifice.  Check out this video for a good explanation of what James & John are asking --
10/3: If you could share a meal with any family member living or deceased, who would it be & what would you eat?
In our First Reading (Gn 2:18-24) we hear how God made woman (Eve) from man (Adam). We are all blessed to come from generations of men and women who married and had children and created our families.
9/26: This a beautiful time of year to be outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature with family and friends. What is your favorite Fall outdoor activity?
You can also draw us a picture and email it to or post on the Facebook thread --
9/19: How can I serve others and help them with the difficulties they are experiencing?
In today's Gospel (Mark 9:30-37) Jesus teaches his disciples that the greatest are those who serve all.
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