Driver Education Subsidy Application Form
Complete this online form to receive the Driver Ed Subsidy for the New Driver course. This is for ECECAF members' dependents (under 25 years of age) who have recently completed an AMA New Driver program. Cheques will be payable in the member's name.

As part of the application, you will need to email supporting documentation that is listed at the end of this online application and can be found on the ECECAF website as a reminder: >. Please email supporting documentation to within 48 hours of submitting this online application.
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Driver Ed Student (ECECAF Member's Dependent) Details
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Driver's/Learner's Licence Number: *
Completed level of New Driver Program: *
Select the level completed of the new driver program. (Subsidy amount indicated on the rate sheet linked from the Driver Ed webpage):
Do you agree that within 48 hours of submitting this application, you will email the following supporting documentation: 1) copy of student's driver's/learner's license 2) proof of payment of New Driver Program course 3) AMA New Driver Program certificate of completion, to *
As a helpful reminder, the list of supporting documentation is posted on ECECAF's website:
Thank you for participating in the ECECAF and AMA Driver Education partnership!
Please click "Submit" to close this application and have it automatically sent to ECECAF for processing.
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