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Thank you for your interest, the premiere African-American news community devoted to telling YOUR stories in real time.  We are always looking for fresh, original and thought-provoking perspectives.  Have something to say?  Fill out the form below.

Please note that while we cannot respond to all pitches, we will contact you if we are interested in running your piece.  TheGrio makes no commitment to publishing any articles at any time.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind before submitting a pitch or article draft:

- Keep your full article between 500-800 words.  Depending on the topic, longer articles may be appropriate.

- Simple is better.  Your piece should have clarity of voice and language.  Big words or phrases are not necessary.

- Back up claims with statistics or citations and link to outside sources.

- Ensure your idea is original.

- Share something our community needs to know.  

Your submission must comply with the following conditions:

1 - Your submission is your original work that has not appeared in any other publication.

2 - You acknowledge that you are responsible for the accuracy of content submitted, and affirm that you have checked all citations against the original sources.

3 - You have secured all permissions to use any copyrighted materials included in your submission (including photos).

4 – You acknowledge that TheGrio does not accept plagiarized materials and submitting plagiarized materials will disqualify you from writing for TheGrio entirely.

5 – You acknowledge TheGrio’s editorial team reserves the right to edit (in whole or in part) any articles received or solicited for publication (including but not limited to headline, content, and layout). We will make every effort to work with the author on these changes.

6 – Further communication about your article including discussion about when the piece may be posted is in no way a commitment by TheGrio’s staff to publish the submission.

7 – There is no assumed compensation due to the author for TheGrio’s publishing the submission.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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