AVRO Survey - The next phase
Following our communications with stakeholders and government officials, AVRO have published The 2nd COVID-19 recovery industry survey to understand the industry’s readiness when lockdown begins to end. Your input will remain anonymous but the collective data will be shared with industry partners and AVRO publications.
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Post code - we need location data to map UK wide resources in AVRO's real time map *
How many of your drivers are furloughed at this time? *
How many drivers do you have available this week that have not been furloughed? *
How many admin/ control staff are furloughed at this time? *
How many admin/ control staff do you have available this week that have not been furloughed? *
How many vehicles have been parked up or SORN at this time? *
What is the size of your fleet when in full operation? *
In the first Covid-19 Survey, respondents informed us of their reduction in work in the initial stage of the lockdown. (image featured) In the last 7 days or so, as a percentage, what reduction in your workload have you experienced, comparable with this time last year? *
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Has your drop in work from Work Providers been *
Would the lack of support from certain work providers at this time influence your commitment to working with them in the future? *
In the first COVID-19 Survey, 80% of respondents informed us that they had laid off up to 20% of their staff. If you laid off any staff in the initial stages, what action have you taken since?
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Looking forward, what do you forecast for your business prospects *
Above average
Business as usual - average
Below average
This summer
To year end 2020
Into early 2021
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