Miyawaki Forest Info Session with Bio4Climate
Miyawaki Forests are dense, biodiverse native pocket forests that can be planted in small areas (a minimum of 1000 sq ft) to build ecological and communal resilience. You can learn about them on our program page or YouTube playlist.

If you are interested in implementing a Miyawaki Forest, we'd recommend taking a look at the educational resources we share on the Miyawaki Method, and in particular Hannah Lewis' Mini-Forest Revolution book and the materials and work of Afforestt and IVN. We encourage looking into examples of Miyawaki Forests around the world, including any in or near your region. Once you've done some research and gotten an idea of the project you want to grow, join one of our info sessions to hear from Maya Dutta, connect to a community of Miyawaki-minders, and figure out your next steps for planning and planting. 

Please share your information below to register your interest for an info session, which takes place monthly online. We'll get in touch and schedule you for the next available time. In the meantime, take a look at our work at Bio4Climate, volunteer with us at our Boston-area forests, and sign up for our mailing list to hear about upcoming events. 
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