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Vendors filling out this form give permission to share info on the Casper Craft Fairs website& Facebook page for guests to view, shop, and interact as desired. Info not shared will be clearly labeled in this form. As vendors get added, a virtual craft fair platform will be developed in the event in-person events are cancelled or for additional events if requested.

The main requirement to be listed on this site is that you are registered to attend an in-person Craft Fair in the Casper/Natrona County, WY area within 12 months of being listed. If an event is cancelled, you can still be listed. We will also try to work with in-person organizers to make a virtual option as needed.

Please note: this site is currently volunteer-run and at no cost to vendors or craft fair organizers. Vendor info will be added as quickly as possible as time allows.
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Brief product description *
DIRECT Contact Info *
Please include your name and best way to contact (phone #, email, FB page Messenger, etc). This info WILL NOT be shared. It's simply if I have questions entering your fair info. Email is the easiest way for me to communicate for group info, but I'll work with whatever you prefer.
In-Person Craft Fairs *
Please list the Casper/Natrona County Craft Fairs you are registered for in the upcoming months (no more than 12 months out, please). We will put an icon in your booth listing to show all the fairs people can find you at.
PUBLIC Booth Listing *
Please include how you would like to have your booth contact info (name, phone, email, website, etc.) listed for the public to view on the website. If you only want your booth name listed and which craft fairs you are attending, that works too.
Cross-Posting *
Would you like your PUBLIC Booth Listing shared with other vendors on this site so they can cross-post during their Virtual Craft Fair events? If you want additional info shared, please use the other option to describe.
Ordering Method *
List where customers will place orders: website, email, Facebook page, phone, only at in-person events, etc. This will be used to set up the virtual craft fair links and in the general vendor listings.
Virtual Craft Fair: Payment Methods Accepted *
Please select which ways customers can expect to pay for products purchased through the virtual craft fair.
Virtual Craft Fair: Product Delivery *
Please select which ways customers can expect to have the products they order through the virtual craft fair links delivered. If you only want your listing shown for in-person fairs you will attend, please skip. Please use caution when making in-person deliveries to people you don't know. If there's interest, we can contact local organizations to see if they will allow scheduled delivery times at their location for vendors to use.
Virtual Options *
Check all the ways you are interested in learning about being involved in the Casper Craft Fairs website. Details on how each will work will be sent to interested vendors.
Additional Info
Please list any additional info needed.
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