The Moneto project aims to solve the significant problem for cryptocurrency holders. It is difficult to withdraw funds for a while and transfer back because of tremendous volatility. Moneto offers a loan in fiat currency, secured by bitcoin to solve the issue.

The Moneto client receives money and then returns the loan when the bitcoin exchange rate on the stock exchange has risen. Reverse repurchase of bitcoins proceeds at a price at the time of the credit. The client redeems the deposit and increases the savings due to the difference between the old and the new courses.

Moneto takes a commission fee that is less than the cost of a similar operation in a traditional bank.

Following a number of requests from our supporters, we will be launching an Airdrop Campaign.

Total Airdrop Campaign token allocation: 5.000 MTO · 50 ETH equivalent*
maximum participants-15.000 people
*calculated for the initial MTO price; more details in the White Paper:

Get 0.3 MTO:
Fulfill the conditions specified in this form

Get 0.3 MTO:
Bitcointalk Feedback Campaign:
Send your comments, thoughts, opinion or feedback in the ANN thread to get extra MTO!
Interesting question or useful feedback can be rewarded with up to 1 MTO or higher!

Get 0.3 MTO
KickICO Feedback Campaign
The conditions will appear later

Get 1 MTO
Fulfill all the conditions(Social media feedback, Bitcointalk feedback, KickICO feedback)

White Paper:
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