P3/P4 Creative Writing Workshops [2-Day Workshops]
We can show you the world! Shining… shimmering… splendid! 🧞‍♀️

Do not let travel restrictions stop your child from having an enjoyable holiday season! Allow your child to discover the secrets of sensational writing through the exploration of exotic, distant lands - all within our classrooms! Whether it is diving with the dolphins in Hawaii, going off the beaten track on a safari or opening your parachutes in the sky - we have just the ticket for you in our December holiday programmes! ✈️

Open your child’s eyes to our magnificent writing techniques and classes conducted by our passionate and lively teachers.

Ever watched Madagascar and wondered why Marty the Zebra wanted to return to the wild? What about watching how lions behave in their natural habitat? Are these questions you have in your head but unable to find the answers to? Why not join us on an exciting Safari Excursion across Africa as you have a close encounter with these animals and perhaps find answers to those questions.

The kids will first be learning how to unpack a topic and understand the requirements for the topic before earning a ticket to enter the Safari. Splash! As soon as the kids enter the Safari, they may be given a warm welcome by the hippopotamuses bathing in the nearby rivers!
To dry off their soaked clothing, the kids can enjoy a slow ride on the elephants under the sun. While they are enjoying the view from the elephants’ back, they may encounter something shocking during the ride. After witnessing the incident, the kids will learn how to express the emotions that they feel in various ways.
Next, the king of the beasts and its pride will await the arrival of the kids in the grasslands as they expand their vocabulary using subject-specific phrases. After an intimidating encounter with the lions, they will be able to 'upsize' their vocabulary further while gazing at the tall giraffes feeding on the leaves of the trees.

Finally, the excursion will have to come to an end. The kids will look back at the time they spent at the safari. They will then be exposed to a model essay before pending down their experience in the form of their own compositions.

If you love animals, this safari excursion is the perfect getaway for you! Do not let this opportunity go to waste and sign up now!


P3/P4 Creative Writing Workshops (2020 school level)
Venue: Writers' Guild, #03-32/33, Northpoint City, North Wing
Course Fee: $248 (4 sessions); Early Bird Discount (10%)*

Day 1: 16 Dec 2020 (Wed)
Session 1: 1pm-230pm
-30min break-
Session 2: 3pm-430pm

Day 2: 18 Dec 2020 (Fri)
Session 3: 1pm-230pm
-30min break-
Session 4: 3pm-430pm


Terms and Conditions:
Writers' Guild reserves the right to determine the eligibility of each sign-up.
Writers' Guild reserves the right to amend, suspend, withdraw or terminate, whether in whole or part, this Promotion and/or any of these terms and conditions without prior notice and at Writers' Guild's absolute discretion.
A three days' advance notice will be given to participants in the event of class cancellation.
A minimum of three students is required to start a class.
Writers' Guild will not be responsible if any materials taught are repeated in the make-up class. Every class is taught at a pace suitable for the class.
By enrolling, parents hereby give permission to Writers’ Guild to use their kids’ pictures, written work and feedback gathered during the programme for public relations or marketing purposes.
Any outstanding make-up lessons will be used to offset from this session.
Registered students who are unable to attend (the class/course) will need to inform the centre 3 days in advance. Otherwise, a penalty fee of $20 will be imposed.

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