1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Sign up here to participate in the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program. This program is designed for families and caregivers with children from birth through age 6 or before entering Kindergarten. You simply register and keep track of the books you read with your child by either using paper logs or a smartphone app. For every 200 books you read to your child, you receive a free book as a reward. Once you have read 1000 books you will be finished with the program and receive a special certificate and a prize. Every book you read counts (even if you read the same book more than once!) and you can check out special 1KBB4K Bags full of books from various locations in Bennington County in addition to checking out books from your local library. You can get paper tracking logs from your home library or print them out at home.

Please fill out one form per child. You can find printable paper book logs and smartphone app information here: https://1000booksbeforekindergarten.org/1000-books-before-kindergarten-program/

You can borrow books from any participating location, but you redeem your rewards at your home library/location.

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